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Director, Alice Shindelar

Alice lives in Manhattan and works as a commercial virtual reality writer / director at YouVisit Studios. Her most recent project, a virtual reality documentary with Rashida Jones and the International Rescue Committee, invites viewers to experience the lives of Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. She cut her voice as a storyteller in the spoken word community of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2009 she won the Jerome Foundation VERVE Spoken Word graznt from Intermedia Arts which lead to the publication of her book of poetry - Aroma of Another Country - and a national book tour. Her films A Gentleman Never Sweats and Crazy Bitch have screened around the world.

She has worked in transmedia, documentary, narrative, and virtual reality film. Shindelar is a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of the Arts with a M.F.A in Film Directing.

Co-Writer, Alex Cannon

Alex has been writing and directing since his dreadful all-boys Catholic high school days. His projects have been featured in numerous festivals and venues, including SXSW, SPIN, Fader, NME, and the IFC Center in New York. He has created work for companies including The New York Times, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Dovecote Records, YouTube, and PUMA.

Alex is presently pursuing an MFA in Directing at Columbia University, where he recently won the Sloan Feature Screenplay Competition.